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A home insurance provides economic compensation in the event of burglary, fire, sickness and accident while you are travelling outside of Sweden, and if you require assistance with liability and legal expenses.

The home insurance is valid for your home and covers not just you and your belongings, but also other family members and their personal property. If the home insurance is to be valid for persons other than yourself, their names must be added to the insurance.

There is no legal obligation for you to take out a home insurance policy, but we strongly recommend that you do. 

  • Travel insurance

    The home insurance cover for travel worldwide for a period of 45 days.

  • Alternative accommodation

    Help if you cannot live in the home after a fire or water damage.

  • Help in the event of ID theft

    You will be given assistance to limit the damages in the event of ID theft.

Compare the coverage Premier Extra Home
Assault cover

If you are the victim of assault in which deliberate violence or the threat of violence is used, you are entitled to standard compensation for assault.


Reimbursement for the cost of consultations with a psychologist following a traumatic injurious event. Maximum 10 times.

ID theft

You will be given assistance to limit the damages in the event of ID theft.

Legal assistance

In certain cases, we will pay solicitors' fees and legal costs of up to SEK 250 000 if you should become involved in a dispute
that may be referred to a district court.


If a claim is made against you for injury that you have caused to another person or damage to their belongings, we will investigate whether you are liable for damages and pay any damages up to SEK 5 million.

Personal property cover

You will receive compensation if your personal property is damaged or lost in the following circumstances:

  • fire or lightning
  • theft as a result of your home being burgled or theft of belongings that you have with you when you are away from home. 
  • leakage, i.e. if water is leaking in an unforeseen manner from the pipework system or from connected appliances.
  • natural disasters, e.g. storm, flooding or landslide
  • road traffic accident.
Travel cover

The insurance policy applies for the first 45 days of each private journey (not business trips) whose duration is expected to be more than 48 hours.

  • If you fall ill or have an accident during the trip, you can receive reimbursement for medical care expenses, travel
  • expenses (e.g. additional costs to return home) and additional costs for board and lodging.
  • You will also receive reimbursement for the cost of emergency dental treatment.
  • Personal property cover applies up to the amount 80 000 kr (Premier) 50 000 kr (Extra) and 30 000 kr (basic) for items that you take on your journey.
  • Personal liability cover, legal expenses cover and assault cover also apply when travelling.
All risk

When insured personal property is damaged or lost through a sudden, unforeseen, external event. Provides cover up to 50 000 SEK if you have Home Extra and 80 000 SEK if you have Home Premier. This kind of cover is also called "bad luck".

Removals insurance cover

Provides cover up to the total sum insured during the move between two homes.

Electronic replacement cost

For electronics that are under 3 years old, you will receive the equivalent new equipment if it is damaged or ceases to
function. The term electronics refers to household appliances, sound and/or image reproduction equipment and computers, but not cameras, mobile phones, tablets, portable music players or GPS devices.

  • Cancellation protection – if you have to cancel your trip due to illness or accident, we will provide compensation for the costs that you are unable to recoup from your tour operator. 
  • If at least half of the travelling time is affected due to illness, you can receive compensation commensurate with the cost of the whole trip. 
  • If, due to an accident, you arrive too late for a journey that has been booked and paid for in advance, we will pay the cost involved in making up the difference. 
  • You may receive some compensation if your luggage fails to turn up at your destination on time.

Tenant ownership is an additional insurance. It provides compensation for damage to such immovable property in your apartment as you are responsible for maintaining according to the law or the association's regulations, and which is not covered by the association's property insurance. The age deduction is maximum SEK 15,000.

Special is an all risks insurance for a specific item, which is especially valuable. This might be a piece of jewellery, a painting or a bicycle.

A bicycle is included in the home insurance up to a value of SEK 35,000 – including all accessories. If the bicycle is of a higher value you will need special insurance for the bicycle.

If the special insured item is damaged by a sudden and unforeseen external event, the insurance applies up to the amount you have insured it for.

Contact us to purchase special Insurance.

  • You can insure a motor, sail or rowing boat made of plastic, aluminium or rubber where the hull is no more than 6 metres long and 2 metres wide.
  • The sail area can be a maximum of 10 m ² and the engine power a maximum of 15 HP.
  • The maximum compensation is SEK 25,000. Read more about the supplement Small boats here.
  • Contact us if you wish to insure a small boat using the small boat supplement.


If you have a question about our insurance you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.  You can also call us on 0771-655 655

Who does the home insurance apply to?

The Home Insurance applies to everyone named in the Home Insurance Policy. It is important that everyone, including the children, who form part of the household are named.
You can log on to My Pages where you will find the insurance document for the Home Insurance. Who is co-insured is stated there.

Does the home insurance apply to things that I have borrowed?

Yes, home insurance provides cover for the things you own, rent or borrow – both at home and while travelling. The all risk insurance does not apply to things that you have borrowed. However, the all risks insurance does apply to computers or tablets that you or your child have borrowed from the school.

Is travel insurance included in the home insurance?

Yes, a travel protection that applies to private journeys up to a period of 45 days world wide is included. In Stor Hemförsäkring (Home Insurance Premium) travel protection with extras like cancellation protection and compensation in the event of a delay is included.

Is third party liability included in the home insurance?

In Stor Hemförsäkring and Hemförsäkring Extra (Home Insurance Premium and Home Insurance Extra) all risk insurance/third party liability is included. We call it Misfortune. If your belongings are suddenly and unexpectedly damaged or lost through an external incident, the Misfortune insurance compensates you for your losses.

  • For Home Premium – maximum SEK 80 000 
  • For Home Extra – maximum SEK 50 000

Do I get help with alternative accommodation following a fire?

Yes, you can get help with replacement accommodation if following a fire or other damage the place cannot be lived in.

Items are stolen during a home party. Does the insurance apply?

No, the insurance does not apply if someone who has been admitted or permitted to stay in your home steals things. The insurance only applies if someone has forced their way in or enters by force.

Does the insurance apply if the mobile is stolen from the car?

The mobile is considered to be property prone to theft, therefore the insurance does not apply whatever type of home insurance you have taken out.

Do I need home insurance when I live in a sub-let?

It doesn't matter if you are the first tenant or if you live in a sub-let. If you rent an apartment, you need a home insurance policy that applies to your personal belongings and items that you have rented or borrowed. However, it is not your responsibility to insure the apartment or the house. This is the responsibility of the owner of the property, not the individual renting it.

How does my insurance apply if I rent out my home?

You should have a home insurance policy of some form that applies to the rented home. What form of home insurance you should have depends on whether it is a tenancy or housing association, if you have any furniture and other items left in the home you are letting out.

  • If it is a housing association, you need home insurance with the housing association supplement.
  • Always make sure you have the landlord's or the housing association's permit to let the property. Otherwise, it might be illegal.
  • If you are letting out regularly or on a larger scale the rental can be termed a business activity and you will therefore need to take out a special insurance policy.
  • Contact us for assistance in arranging the right type of home insurance for the property to be let.

How does the insurance apply in the event of ID theft?

Home insurance includes cover for ID theft. It does not protect against someone stealing your identity, but you get help with the following:

  • Advice to prevent identity theft.
  • Assistance to limit the damage when ID theft has occurred.
  • Legal help to reject or correct any errors as a result of the ID theft.
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