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Call us and we'll help you with your private insurances.

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You can call us, chat with us or send an e-mail. If something acute happens you can call us anytime. Customer service for claims are always open.

You can chat with us about private insurances, but not about animal insurances or claims related errands. The chat is open when you see the chat icon in the upper right corner.

About insurances

Weekdays 07.30-21.00

Saturdays 09.00-18.00

Sundays 10.00-18.00

About claims

Open 24 hours daily


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Visiting addresses

Flöjelbergsgatan 4, Mölndal

Barks väg 15, Bergshamra

Universitetsallén 2, Sundsvall

Mailing address Claims Service

If Skadeservice
Privat P100
106 80 Stockholm

Mailing address Customer Service

If Kundservice
Privat P10
106 80 Stockholm

Head office

If's head office is located at Barks väg 15 in Solna. 

Mailing address:

Skadeförsäkring AB
106 80 Stockholm

A summary of the coverage in home-, car- and personal insurance to read before purchasing.

  1. Privat
  2. Kundservice
  3. In English
  4. Customer service