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If you own a car in Sweden you need to have a third part liability insurance to be allowed to drive the car. Call us and we´ll help you finding the best insurance coverage for you specific needs. You can also buy the insurance online (questions in swedish).

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The basis of a car insurance policy is Motor third party insurance (trafikförsäkring). This form of insurance covers injuries and damage resulting from use of the car. Motor third party insurance does not compensate damage you cause to your own car or other property you own.

In our overview you can read about our five different car insurance covers. *Large comprehensive insurance, **comprehensive insurance, partial cover, trafikxtra and third party. 

Overview of coverage *Large comp. **Comp. Partial cover Trafik Xtra Third party
Motor third party insurance

Third party insurance is required by law and provides cover for the liability against injuries to other drivers, passengers and other people outside the car. It also covers you for damage caused to other people's property.

Legal assistance

Pays representation and legal costs of up to SEK 250,000, for disputes that are related to your car ownership.

Roadside rescue

Tow to a garage if the car is involved in a road accident, theft or other breakdown. Cost of transporting the driver, passengers and private luggage back to the home address.


Provides cover for theft of your car and for damage to your car following attempted theft or if your car is broken into as well as crisis therapy as a direct consequence of robbery
of vehicle or vehicle key. The insurance also covers equipment and accessories that are normally found in cars.


Provides cover for damage to the car caused by fire, explosion or damage to electrical cables by short-circuiting.


Pays for repairs to or replacement of broken or damaged windscreen or windows in the car.

Mechanical damage

Covers sudden failures that affect the performance of the engine, electronics, gearbox, transmission, etc. in a car that is under 8 years old and with a mileage of less than 100,000 km.

If you have Large comprensive insurance  the limits are 10  years and 150 000 km.

Car damage

Car damage insurance covers the cost of damage to your
car if you crash or if your car is vandalised. It also covers the cost of damage caused by other external incidents, such as a tree being blown down onto the car. The level of excess you choose will have an effect on the cost of your car insurance.

You can choose the following excess amounts: SEK 3,000, 4,500 or 6,000

Driver and passenger accident

Provides additional cover, in addition to that provided by the Third party insurance, for personal injury that leads to medical disability or death. It covers costs up to SEK 600,000 in proportion to the degree of invalidity and the age of the injured person. In the event of death, SEK 50,000 will be paid to the estate of the insured person.

It also covers the cost of crisis therapy, for a maximum of ten sessions, provided by a licensed psychologist in Sweden, for an insured person who has been involved in a road accident.


This pays up to SEK 50,000 for sudden damage to the car's cabin or boot space, which are not normally covered by standard Fully comprehensive insurance. It also pays up to SEK 5,000 for new car keys (for one claim a year) in the event of loss or damaged by sudden and unforeseen event, including the cost of deleting the codes of the stolen/lost keys and reprogramming new keys.


Covers the cost of a new car for a car that is under 2 years old, with a mileage of less than 40,000 kilometres, that has been stolen or is a total loss, and is covered by theft or Collision damage insurance or the car's Collision damage warranty, if:

  • the car is less than 1 year old and its mileage is less than 20,000 km, and any repair cost is more than 50 % of the car's list price immediately before the loss or damage happened.
  • the car is more than 1 year old and its mileage is less than 40,000 km, and any repair cost is more than 80 % of the car's list price immediately before the loss or damage happened

If a car is more than 2 years old or its mileage is more than 40,000 km, we will pay you 120 % of the car's list price however a maximum of 200,000 above the car's list price immediately before the loss or damage happened.

VärdeXtra insurance is not valid if the car is older than 3 years.

*Large comprehensive insurance, **comprehensive insurance

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