Information about Coronavirus

This applies to your business insurance.

Information regarding Coronavirus

We follow the recommendations from The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. We strongly advice all travelers to look for information about the spread of the virus from the WHO website which is updated regularly. Please also pay close attention to The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs as they may expand or invalidate travel recommendations as the outbreak develops.

Business trips today

Business trips within Sweden still take place every day, maybe it is a meeting with a customer where you live or maybe it is a trip with the train to visit an office in another town. Our business travel insurance is also valid for shorter trips. Maybe a computer has gotten stolen on the train? Or did a phone break during the sales meeting? In cases like those, having a business travel insurance is grateful.

Is your company going on a business trip abroad?

Despite the current situation with Covid-19, a business-critical trip may have to be made sometimes. In those cases, it is especially important to have a business travel insurance which can cover e.g. costs for care if an employee becomes ill in covid-19 during the trip or if you realize that you will need to rebook or cancel your trip.

Information regarding cancellation

Some tips for you who are traveling abroad

  • Look up in advance how the possibilities to maintain distance, wash your hands and similar at the destination are, this to help to avoid the spread of the virus and also to make you feel safe.

  • Are there any travel restrictions you should be aware of before going? Such as showing a negative covid-19-test when entering the destination? Or is there perhaps a quarantine rule? Visit Sweden Abroad to read updated and reliable information about different country’s restrictions due to the virus.

  • Keep in mind that the health care system at the destination might be struggling with providing everyone with health care due to the special circumstances and that there is a higher risk for you having to be repatriated home in a larger extent. Our business travel insurance can help you with this cover when it is needed.

  • If a lockdown would take place or if the airline company would cancel flights, what alternative ways are there for getting home safely?