Report a claim for business travel and expatriate

Filing a claim online is the recommended choice, but please call us if you are in need of medical assistance. When filing a claim, choose business travel insurance or expatriate insurance.  If you report a claim concerning someone else, we will request an authorization from that person before we can process the claim.

Sick or injured?

If you get acute sick or injured while abroad, please contact our travel care immediately. We will help you with consultation and medical care on site. How you contact us depends on if it's acute. And if it concerns business travel or expatriate.

Non-acute sickness or injury

In non-acute cases, please call us at +46 771-815 818 for assistance. You can also contact us via e-mail In case you've already paid for healthcare, please apply to get reimbursed by filing a claim online.

Acute sickness or injury

Travel care for business trip

Phone: +46 8 121 88 008

Travel care for expatriate

Phone: +46 8 121 88 010
E-mail if you are in the USA:

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Business travel or expatriate?

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