Real estate insurance

Building insurance that protects against water damage, fire, theft damage, natural damage, and other damage that buildings can be exposed to.

  • Comprehensive protection

    We offer a wide range of insurance coverage against unforeseen claims.

  • Machine damage included

    You do not need additional insurance for damages to e.g. a lift.

  • Top-rated claims handling

    Feel safe. Our claims handling receives an average of 4.5 out of 5 from our customers.

A comprehensive property insurance

The real estate insurance applies to water damage, burglary damage, natural damage, and fire damage, as well as other damages that may affect the property.

Our real estate insurance provides you with comprehensive protection against various types of damages that can affect your warehouse, office, workshop, factory, residential building, or other types of properties.

The insurance includes e.g. protection for damage to heating and ventilation systems and clearing costs in connection with major damage. The insurance also pays costs for damage that has occurred around buildings belonging to the insured property or machine damage to, for example, the lift in buildings.

Real estate insurance in Norway
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Oil damage

Did you know that our apartment building insurance gives you protection against oil damage? It does! If oil leaks out of a pipe system located in your building and damages your insured property, you have automatic protection for this in your regular apartment building insurance.

This way you always have minimum protection for oil damage. Additionally, it is possible to extend the protection against oil damage through our supplementary insurance. Do you want to know more about what compensation you are entitled to in the event of oil damage?

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