Business travel insurance

Business travel insurance provides you with a very good protection for all types of business trips. From the short assignment in the local area to longer trips around the world.

Insurance when you are on a business trip

  • No deductible

    No deductible when an injury or accident has occurred.

  • 24/7 assistance

    Healthcare wherever you are

  • Applies in Sweden and the whole world

    Valid for business trips for up to one year worldwide.

Why you need a business travel insurance

Business travel insurance secures good protection for all types of business trips, from the short assignment in the local area to the long trip out into the world.

A business trip means that you can be exposed to risks that are outside what a normal business insurance covers. Nor does home insurance provide protection during a business trip. Therefore, it is very important that you and the company's employees have real business travel insurance with them in their luggage.

Business travel insurance

- Reimbursement for necessary care on site

- Compensation for emergency dental care

- Reimbursement for treatment by a chiropractor, naprapat or physiotherapist

- Financial security that provides compensation to the family should an employee die as a result of illness or accident.

If your trip is delayed by more than 4 hours, you will receive compensation for necessary costs that arise in connection with the delay.

In the event of unforeseen events such as theft of your belongings, you will receive compensation. Also applies to items that you have rented or borrowed for personal use..

Help if you should be required to pay damages for a personal injury or property damage you caused to a service. The insurance pays for legal aid, legal costs and any damages.

24 hour assistance

Our travel care is always at hand if something happens on the trip. The staff speaks several languages, has its own doctors and a network of 10,000s of care providers.

The insurance applies without deductible and also large insurance amounts.

What counts as a business trip?

A business trip is a trip that is carried out on behalf of the company. It can e.g. be a customer visit, a longer trip abroad or that you as an employee go down to town to buy lunch for everyone before a lunch meeting. The journey between home and business is not a business trip, however, a business trip can be started from home.

Who is it about?

The insurance applies to all employees at the company and provides good insurance coverage for all work travel, around the clock. From the short assignment in the company's immediate area to longer journeys. If any of the company's employees suffer from illness, accident, theft or just plain bad luck, the help is just a phone call away.

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Through our service My pages, employees can see both their private insurance and the insurance they have through the employer. Here you will find all the information needed to use the insurance.

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An insurance that covers the most

Our business travel insurance provides comprehensive protection and replaces e.g. care, medicines, dental treatment, home transport, financial and medical disability as a result of an accident or illness and contains a cancellation protection.

If the company has to send a replacement because the insured e.g. become ill, we are responsible for the ticket. Business travel insurance also provides compensation for damage to or loss or delay in property brought by the insured or the company. For those who travel on a business trip in their own car, the insurance's deductible means that you do not have to pay deductible if the car is damaged.