Reporting a claim

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Read about what to do if you need help or have incurred expenses for costs associated with care.

Report your claim directly online - it´s quick and easy

Business travel insurance - report a claim

Expatriate insurance - report a claim

If you need emergency assistance

Our team at SOS International (open 24 hours)

Tel: +46 8 792 71 31
Fax: +46 8 792 71 80

If you contact SOS International by e-mail, please remember to include your name and date of birth (or preferably Swedish “personnummer” if applicable).

Outlay and expenses

For minor expenses, such as occasional visits to the doctor, emergency doctor’s appointments or other expenses incurred for medication, etc., you request compensation from If.

Remember to always ask for a receipt, and a medical certificate or document showing the diagnosis and the date of the doctor’s appointment as well as the treatment provided.

Dental care

The insurance provides compensation for the emergency treatment of acute problems; major dental treatments must always be approved by If prior to treatment.

Emergency dental care means treatments that are necessary to alleviate the situation until the emergency dental situation is over. Absolute measures, such as fillings, crowns, root canal treatment and other long-term treatments or long-term procedures are not covered by the policy.

On your first emergency visit, ask the dentist for a certificate showing the extent of the damage, a cost estimate and a description of the treatment required.

In the event of theft or other loss of possessions

You must report the loss to the police without delay. You must then send the police report and the claim form to If. The insured must detail the claim and make a list indicating the value, age and make/model of each item that has been lost or stolen, and include receipts and/or valuation certificates.

How to report a claim

Claims can be reported directly online, quickly and easily. If you choose to report a claim in a different way, it is important that you clearly state the policy number, name, personal ID number and your contact details where we can best reach you.

You will always be assigned a personal claims handler who will contact you.

If you have any questions about an insurance claim

New claim

Telephone: +46 40 14 82 50
weeekdays 07.30-17.00 (CET)
Please remember to include your name and date of birth (or preferably Swedish “personnummer” if applicable).

Claims in progress

For claims that are already being processed, please contact your claims handler.

If Claims Service

​Telephone: +46 40 14 82 50

weekdays 07.30-17.00 (CET)




SE 106 80 Stockholm

SOS International

​In case of emergency:

Phone: +46 792 71 31
(open 24 hours)

Fax: +46 8792 71 80
(please remember to include your name and date of birth)